Interactive RBR

The Interactive RBR provides the evidence and resources for the items in the RBR.

Clicking on any item with blue shading reveals:

  • Evidence summary: Summary of current evidence on this item as outlined in RBR Resource Pages 1 – 3.
    • This includes the summary of current evidence found on RBR Resources Pages 1 to 3.
    • One can link to guidelines, parent resources, and the literature reviewed organized by topic.
  • Literature review: Current literature scan critically appraised and annotated for methods and outcomes with levels of evidence and strength of recommendation for this item.
  • Parent resources: web links to reliable resources on this item.

Reading Avoid Honey Iron containing foods Hemoglobinopathy screeningn Investigations/Immunization Infant formula Infant formula Infant formula Dental No OTC Active Living High Risk Childcare Family Conflict Pestcide Use Hot Water Poisons Falls Choking Toys No bottles in bed Hepatitis B vaccine (Hep B) Investigations/Immunization Ears Eyes Muscle Tone Hips Eyes Muscle Tone Hips Ears Muscle Tone Hips Ears Eyes Development Fever advice/thermometers Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) Sweet Juices Sun exposure/sunscreens/insect repellents Second-hand smoke exposure Parenting Night Waking Healthy Sleep Habits Crying Firearm Safety Pacifer Choking Safe Sleep Carbon Monoxide Car Seat Vitamin D Supplementation Breastfeeding Vitamin D Supplementation Breastfeeding Vitamin D Supplementation Breastfeeding Nutrition Growth