This annotated bibliography lists the literature which has been used to determine the strength of recommendation for selected items on the 2017 Rourke Baby Record. The references included in this review table are not exhaustive, and were selected by the authors for their relevance in supporting the evidence for the items included in the 2017 RBR.

For new literature reviewed for the 2017 RBR, the level of evidence has been evaluated where possible using both the former Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care and the GRADE classification systems.

Strength of recommendation retains the previous scheme using “Good, Fair, and Inconclusive evidence/Consensus.

We thank and congratulate Dr. Patricia Li (MD, MSc, FRCPC, FAAP), Assistant Professor of Paediatrics McGill University, and her team - Karen Rezk (RN, BScN, MScA), Stephani Arulthas (BSc, MPH) and Alexandra Dionisopoulos (MD, BSc) - for their exemplary work on this huge task.

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