August 2011: New section of Parent Resources

Parents often wonder about their child’s growth and development, leading to the question: "Is my child happy and healthy?" The Rourke Baby Record website has compiled a list of Parent Resources to direct parents towards reliable information regarding normal child growth and development along with common questions and issues.

As website links are always changing, the Top 5 useful Websites for Parent Resources are linked below, such that parents can browse them on their own, if needed. These websites are:

  1. The Canadian Paediatric Society - Caring for Kids
  2. Hospital for Sick Children - About Kids Health
  3. Safe Kids Canada
  4. Dietitians of Canada
  5. Health Canada

This information is accessible on the Rourke Baby Record website in several ways:

  1. In the Parent Resources Section
  2. Through the Current Evidence Section
  3. While exploring the Rourke Baby Record

This section developed by Laura Butler, Memorial University Medical Class 2014 with support from a 2011 MUN Summer Undergraduate Research Award.