May 2021: Launch of the 2020 RBR Literature Review Reference Table

The 2020 RBR Literature Review Reference Table is now available in the Literature Review section of this website. This annotated bibliography lists the literature which has been used to document the recommendations for selected items on the 2020 Rourke Baby Record (RBR).

We thank and congratulate Dr. Patricia Li (MD, MSc, FRCPC, FAAP), Associate Professor of Paediatrics McGill University, and her team - Stephani Arulthas (BSc, MPH), Jonathan Reeves-Latour (BA, MSc), and Emmanuela Tedone (BA, MEd, PhD candidate) - for their exemplary work on this huge task.

For the 2020 edition of the RBR, the McMaster Evidence Review and Synthesis Team (MERST) collaborated on the compilation and refinement of the literature searches, on the production and management of the literature data base, and on the 2020 edition of the Literature Review Table. Our thanks to Donna Fitzpatrick-Lewis (MSW), Ruth Lewis (BA) and Diana Sherifali (RN, PhD, CDE).