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Food Safety

Choking: First Aid - The Hospital for Sick Children – About Kids Health

Food Poisoning: Protecting Your Family - The Hospital for Sick Children – About Kids Health

Food Safety for Pregnant Women - Health Canada – It’s Your Health

Home Safety: Meal Time - Parachute Canada

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Support and Acknowledgements

The RBR Parent Resources website and information sheets have been created by Laura Butler, BSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) Medicine Class of 2014, and the RBR authors (Drs. L. Rourke, D. Leduc and J. Rourke). Two MUN Summer Undergraduate Research Awards, and MUN Professional Development and Conferencing Services have supported these projects. Evaluation project by Dr. Aimee Holla, MUN FM Resident.

Support for the RBR includes the Province of Ontario through the Offord Centre at McMaster University, and MUN's Dr W. Ingram Award. Licensing fees for electronic medical record use of the RBR go to the MUN RBR Development Fund.

As evidence is constantly changing, the Rourke Baby Record and this information should be used as a guide only.