The Rourke Baby Record (RBR) consists of: 4 guides for charting well baby/child visits up to five years of age; an immunization chart; and 3 Resources pages. 

The RBR  should be accompanied by Canadian WHO growth charts for monitoring growth.

Guide I: up to one week, two weeks, one month;

Guide II: two, four, six months ;

Guide III: nine, 12, 15 months ;

Guide IV: 18 months, two to three years, four to five years.

Guide V : table for charting immunizations.

Resources pages summarize the current research and guidelines for the items in the RBR:
Resources 1: growth monitoring, nutrition, physical examination, and education and advice issues excluding those on development, behaviour, immunization and infectious diseases.
Resources 2: development, behaviour, and parenting resources.
Resources 3: immunization and infectious diseases.

Fonts used in the Rourke Baby Record
Three fonts are used in the Rourke Baby Record to reflect the strength of recommendation based on literature review using the former classification system of the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care.

  • Good (bold type); 
  • Fair (italic type);
  • Consensus (plain type).

National Version RBR

National Version 2014 RBR

English 2014 National

French 2014 National

This is the generic version without province-specific modifications.  For example, the national version of the RBR contains the immunization schedule as recommended by NACI (National Advisory Committee on Immunization).  The national version may be downloaded in either English or French.

Ontario Version RBR

Ontario Version 2014 RBR

English 2014 Ontario

French 2014 Ontario

The Ontario version retains the NACI immunization schedule.  It differs from the national version in two places:

  • The 18-month visit development section contains a space to record which items on the Nipissing District Development Screen™ (NDDS™) have not yet been achieved.  The NDDS is freely available to Ontario healthcare providers.
  • The Early Child Development and Parenting Resource System found on the Healthy Child Development Selected Guidelines/Resources is Ontario specific.

The Ontario version may be downloaded in either English or French.

The Province of Ontario has funded an enhanced 18 month well baby visit which in addition to the components of a usual well baby visit, uses standardized tools to allow physicians to have a discussion with parents on child development and parenting, to identify those children who will require referral to specialized services, and to inform parents about the local community programs that promote healthy child development and early learning.” (Web Resource: )

One Visit Per Page Format

English 2014 National
One Page Per Visit

The English National version of the 2014 Rourke Baby Record is available in a One Visit/Page format which uses larger print and has more writing space.

This does result in replication of the anticipatory guidance items in the education and advice section, which in the usual format are spread over 3 visits to avoid both omission and repetition.